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Aidra Fox & Kali Roses - School Nurse Check-Up

Aidra Fox & Kali Roses - School Nurse Check-Up

School nurse Aidra Fox is in her office looking at some papers when she receives a knock at her door. She tells the visitor to come in and student Kali Roses enters. Aidra greets her and asks how she can help. The student tells her it's her free period, and she just wanted to come in while she had some spare time and ask Aidra some questions about tanning!, Kali says brightly. Ok, is this about the health aspects of tanning?, Aidra asks. Oh yeah totally! Kali wanted to ask Aidra what the best tanning lotion brand is for her skin, Kali says enthusiastically. Ok, Aidra says seeming a bit put off, that seems more like a cosmetics question, it's not really something she should be asking a nurse about... doesn't Kali have any sort of medical question that Aidra can help her with?, Aidra asks patiently.

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